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Legal Video Services

Our mission is to fulfill your need for high quality, an affordable legal video that exceeds your expectations. We make sure to understand the job assignment so that our work is done right the very first time and done without delay.

 If you need video deposition services, we are the one to call.

Although we have done countless videos, their confidentiality prevents us from giving examples.


Corporate Video

Whatever your need or budget, we can help. We produce a wide range of corporate video:

  • Event Filming
  • Promotion Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Speaker Videos

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Web Video

Web video is one of the fastest-growing segments of the video industry and if your business website isn't utilizing video, then we could be a great resource for you.  If you are looking to do customer testimonials or product promotional videos, give us an opportunity to help you make a statement on the web with video.

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Why hire a deposition specialist?

AGCV Certified Deposition Video Specialists are expert videographers that focus on recording not only the spoken word but the witness’ demeanor and actions so that it can be presented to decision-makers while maintaining every ounce of communication value.

Jurors and decision-makers expect evidence to be presented to them just like they see on television. 

Deposition Video Specialists are an integral piece of the puzzle in capturing and presenting testimony at trial that lives up to juror expectations.

Need an Experienced Videographer?

If you are looking for an experienced, professional legal videographer for an upcoming video deposition or video production, then you've come to the right place. Court reporters from all around the state call dw2 Video Productions when they are asked to provide the best legal videographer.

Video Services


Video Depositions

Video depositions demonstrate the direct impact of events on someone's life as a result of their experiences and injuries. Of course, any type of depositions should always present the witness’s own words. However, when jurors and judges are able to actually see and hear the witness recounting events in a video testimony, the impact can be more persuasive than testimony read from a transcript.


Corporate Video

Whatever your need or budget, dw2 Video Productions can help. We produce a wide range of corporate video:

  • Event Filming
  • Promotion Videos
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Speaker Videos

We don't just create a video for the sake of the video, we partner with you to help you get the results you're looking for while being a cost-effective solution


Redacting Video Testimony

The art of redacting video deposition testimony is critical to every attorney's case. So when we are tasked to redact video testimony, we go through a 4-step quality control process to ensure that the clips are exactly what was ordered, the quality is as high as it can be, plays on any device and is done on time.